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    Fax: 513-363-7220
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 2146 Ferguson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Jasmine Madison Principal 513-363-7290
      Dr. Marlayna Randolph Asst. Principal Gr. 11-12 513-363-7281
      Kimaya Pope Asst. Principal Gr. 9-10 513-363-7287
      Joseph Newman Asst. Principal Gr. 7-8 513-363-7291
      Shayla McGill Lead Secretary 513-363-7201
      Vacant Senior Support Specialist 513-363-7204
      Mrs. Heather Tomlin Senior Support Specialist 513-363-7296
      Vacant Senior Accounting Tech 513-363-7203
      Yordy Cabrera Garcia ELL Coordinator 513-363-7304
      Martha Keen ESL Data Coach 513-363-7200
      Chanel Stevens Social Worker 513-363-7213
      Vacant ESOL Social Worker 513-363-7206
      Sarah Madrigal ESL 513-207-8144
      Melissa Martin Attendance Social Worker 513-363-7206 martime@cpsboe/
      Rob Biddinger Grad Counselor 513-363-7307
      Lee Hardaway Counselor (9/10/11) 513-363-7207
      Emily Holbrock Counselor (7/8/12) 513-363-7289
      Vacant Counselor (ESL) 513-363-7308
      Christina Yearout Psychologist (Jr. High/MD) 513-363-7391
      Andrew Parks Psychologist (Sr. High) 513-363-7216
      Vacant Lighthouse Mental Health Staff 513-363-7206
      Vacant Lighthouse Mental Health Staff 513-363-7333
      Kimberly Kraus-Preminger Speech Pathologist 513-363-7302
      Laura Massa Speech Pathologist 513-363-7301
      April Wright-Noe Gilbert A. Dater High School School Nurse 513-363-7334


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Alcantara, Paulino Spanish Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7233
      Anderson, Eric Math Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7276
      Bardetti, Michael German Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7280
      Banks, Stephon Social Studies Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7224
      Bates, Sarah ESL Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7251
      Beauchamp, Anita Health Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7293
      Bird, Daniel ESL Teacher 7th-12th 513-363-7253
      Boyle, Tanya French Teacher 7th-11th 513-363-7325
      Britt, Deborah ITS Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7221
      Britten, Akeem Logistics/Business 9th-12th 513-363-7261
      Camara, Kira Intervention Specialist 7th-8th 513-363-7256
      Cole, Angela Science Teacher 7th-8th 513-363-7258
      Cornett-Cox, Genna ESL Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7253
      Demaree, Jessica MD 7th-12th 513-363-7217
      Ehrlich, David Intervention 7th-8th, 10th 513-363-7221
      Farrell, Patrick Social Studies Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7255
      Feist, Michael Intervention Specialist 9th-11th 513-363-7250
      Finnell, Katherine MD 7th-12th 513-363-7223
      Gardner, Chandra English Teacher 7th-12th 513-363-7270
      Gaudet, Dana Math Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7234
      Gourley, Stephen English Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7247
      Graham-Kreaps, Megan ESL Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7337
      Grant, Bethany Social Studies Teacher 7th-8th 513-363-7316
      Gray, Randall Art Teacher 7th-12th 513-363-7332
      Hillerich, Lora Science Teacher 9th-12th 513-363-7254

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