Principal Savannah Rabal

  • Principal RabalAs we embark on this new school-year, I am thrilled to be joining the Fairview community as your Principal. I’ve spent my career in CPS. I started teaching at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, right out of college. I left there to teach middle school math and science at Clark Montessori High School. I began there as a teacher and moved into the Assistant Principal role.

    I’ve done a bit of a college tour around the Cincinnati area. I earned my Emergency Medical Technician license at Cincinnati State, while also attending the University of Cincinnati for my Bachelors in  Education. When I joined Clark Montessori, I began my Masters in Montessori Education at Xavier. I finished there with my second degree and Montessori credential through the American Montessori Society.  Immediately after earning my credential, I began teaching with the  Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program. In the summers, I worked with teachers to build a Montessori curriculum that suited the needs of their classroom. During the school year, while teaching and working as an Assistant Principal, I was a field consultant and observed teachers in their classroom setting. I gave feedback and worked with them to grow the teaching practices and meet the needs of  their students. 

    For a while, being a mom, teaching summer courses, volunteering at the fire department weekly, taking on leadership roles in the school and working with my students every day, really fed my soul. Every day I was improving and growing. I was balancing my work life and home life. I had hit my stride. But, I didn't want to become complacent. I decided it was time to take my next steps. 

    After several years of teaching middle school and taking on various leadership roles in the building, I knew I wanted to move into administration. I completed my Masters in Educational Leadership at  Miami University. I connected with leaders in my building and across the district. I took every opportunity to learn and gain experience in the capacity of a principal. I worked hard to learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

    Full disclosure, my job at Clark Montessori was amazing. I spent a very happy 11 years there. I always said I wouldn’t leave for any  place. I was only going to leave for something great, something amazing. I believe Fairview is just that. I loved Clark because of the  community. The students and families wanted to be there so bad; they would fight tooth and nail to get in. The staff was dedicated and  family-like. They were close enough to be open, honest and support each  other, and close enough to give it to you straight when you needed it. The students were interested and curious about the world. They were activists and change-makers. They gave me hope for the future. 

    All of this to say, I left for Fairview. I believe in  Fairview-Clifton German Language School. I believe in the vision to build and grow world class global citizens. I trust that the staff is  every bit as dedicated as their reputation holds. I’ve already felt the warmth from families that believe in this place and hold it close to their hearts. And the students, I have no doubt that the students here  will live up to every high expectation I have of them. We will grow  together. We will work hard and feel the joy that comes with learning and feeling valued. Students will love their time at Fairview-Clifton  German Language School. They will be prepared with the skills and  experiences to take their next steps into middle and high school as motivated, independent and resourceful students and citizens.  

    So, thank you for being a part of the community that I am so happy to join. Thank you for being the people that I will continue my journey in  leadership with and that will be there as I learn the Fairview way. I truly can’t wait to meet you and your children. In so many ways this  year is a new and fresh start for all of us and I know it’s going to be incredible.

    Frau Savannah Rabal