Expeditionary Learning Program

  • With quality instruction and high expectations, we enable all students to realize and achieve their full potential.

    Our new Expeditionary Learning program breaks down walls and puts our students in the middle of real issues — empowering them to brainstorm solutions.

    The curriculum — based on programming developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Outward Bound USA — emphasizes three core areas:

    • Mastery of knowledge and skills
    • Character
    • High-quality student work
Students in a classroom

What Does This Mean for Students?

  • Our students tackle hands-on experiences that tap into their natural curiosity and help them design creative solutions to real-life problems.

    Your child will benefit from:

    • Development of strong academic and social-emotional learning skills
    • Student-led, teacher-facilitated activities that let students tap into their unique strengths
    • One-to-one access to technology to equip students with real-world competencies
    • Co-curricular activities that engage students with personal interests and future planning