• In 2013, Cincinnati Public Schools began a partnership with Cincinnati State Technical and Community College to offer our high school students greater opportunities to take college-level courses for free while also earning credits toward high school graduation. The partnership with Cincinnati State allowed qualified students to take college-credit courses at no cost while in the familiar surroundings of high school.

    Cincinnati Public Schools is proud to continue its partnership with Cincinnati State under Ohio's College Credit Plus program's guidelines. 

    Under College Credit Plus, each public high school must partner directly with a public college or university; Cincinnati Public Schools is partnering with Cincinnati State and continuing down the path started in 2013.

    Dater teachers who teach College Credit Plus courses collaborate with Cincinnati State’s faculty on course content as well as grading standards. They also receive professional development from Cincinnati State and participate in the evaluation process to assure the courses meet college-level standards.

    Credits earned via College Credit Plus are recognized by the colleges in Ohio’s university system, such as the University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State University, Miami University, Wright State University, Ohio University and Kent State University.