• Healthcare is a growing field. Students benefit from hands-on learning and field experience in Biotechnology, Laboratory Science, Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Patient Care Technology. Students perform a variety of technical functions, including organizing and evaluating health information, compiling health statistics and coding diseases.

    Students can earn certifications in:

    Skills Taught

    • Biotechnology  
    • Basic Lab Standard Operating Protocols
    • Basic Handling, Prep, Storage and Disposal of Equipment and Supplies
    • Weights and Measures
    • Pipetting
    • Basic Lab Safety
    • Glassware
    • Autoclaving


    • Aseptic Technique
    • Basic Cell Culture; Broth and Plate
    • Microbial Taxonomy and Classification
    • Colony Morphology
    • Basic Cell Staining


    • Chemical Analysis of Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids and Enzymes
    • Separation Techniques: Chromatography, Centrifugation and Filtration
    • Making Solutions (Molarity/Molality)

    Molecular Biology

    • Genetics
    • DNA Extraction
    • Gel Electrophoresis
    • Transformation
    • PCR
    • Restriction Enzyme Digest
    • Protein Isolation and Analysis
    • Spectroscopy


    • Microsoft Office
    • Lab Notebooking

    Career-Based Learning Opportunities

    • Clinical Lab Science
    • Allied Health Labs at UC
    • Phlebotomy Tech at Walgreens
    • Patient Care Tech Drake Hospital

    Credentials and College Credit Opportunities

    • AP Human Geography
    • AP English Lit
    • AP Psychology
    • CPR/First Aid
    • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry, Safety and Health Certification
    • National Career Readiness Certificate (WorkKeys)
    • Up to three college credits are available in Medical Terminology

    Career Opportunities

    • Biomedical Lab Assistant
    • Medical Lab Technician
    • Phlebotomist Lab Technician
    • Microbiology Generalist
    • Pharmacist

    Student Organizations/Key Affiliations

    • Skills USA

    Business Partners Connection

    This is the advisory committee that assists with planning, evaluation and instruction.