Esser Funding

  • The CPS Board of Education recently approved the Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding plan: 

    We recently received engagement and feedback from our students, families, district administrators, teachers, principals, school staff and their unions.

    Beginning with the 2021–22 school year, ESSER funding will provide the following to our school communitites:

    • Addressing Learning Loss, Summer Learning, After School Activities (including evidence-based curriculum)
    • Social/Emotional/Mental Health Support
    • Educational Technology
    • Provide Principals with resources to address individual school needs
    • School facility repair and improvements (including air quality)
    • Personal Protective Equipment & Supplies to clean, sanitize, disinfect facilities
    • Continue to employ existing staff
    • School repair and improvements to reduce risks of viral transmission
    • Improve indoor air quality (including windows/doors)
    • Mitigating environmental health hazards

    Read our District Safety Plan here.

    ESSER III Fiscal Year 2024 Budget 

    ESSER III Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Revisions  

    ESSER III Budget Revisions were presented to the public during CPS Regular Board Meeting 12/5/22.