Proven Framework Helps Students Succeed in Academics, Behavior

  • Cincinnati Public Schools' Pyramid of Interventions — a three-tiered model, or framework, of instruction and intervention — is nationally recognized and grounded in research and best practices.

    Launched in January 2007, the Pyramid of Interventions empowers staff to serve the district's diverse student population in a more systematic, data-driven, prevention-focused and collaborative way than ever before.

    Although called a "pyramid," CPS sometimes uses a cone shape to illustrate the Pyramid of Interventions, because it has a round pie-piece base made up of six components that best demonstrates the CPS model. More about the Pyramid Explanation:

    Pyramid vs. Cone

    Principals report good things happening with the Pyramid's use — such as seeing better student behavior in cafeterias, more children succeeding in general-education classes, and improved school rankings on the Ohio Report Card. 

  • Integrating Academic and Behavioral Needs

  • Three Levels of Support