Elementary Schools (Neighborhood and Magnet)

  • Cincinnati Public Schools serves students in the elementary grades (preschool – 6, or in a few schools, preschool – 8) in neighborhood schools (assigned by a child's home address) and magnet schools (selected by parents).

    Neighborhood Schools

    Neighborhood schools are the foundation of Cincinnati Public Schools, providing a strong college-preparatory curriculum and enriching after-school activities, and serving as gathering places and anchors for the community. Students attend neighborhood schools unless their parents choose to enroll them in magnet elementary schools.

    Students are assigned to neighborhood elementary schools according to home addresses. The district determines the boundaries for each neighborhood school. To find the elementary school assignment for a specific address, use our Interactive Cropper Map System in School Finder.

    Most neighborhood schools are Community Learning Centers with partnerships to provide necessary support services to ensure academic achievement for all students.

    Magnet Schools

    Cincinnati Public Schools' magnet elementary schools offer programs aimed at students' different interests and learning styles.

    Started in the 1970s, CPS' nationally recognized magnet elementary schools offer parents many choices for their children’s education.

    CPS offers nine magnet programs in elementary schools located around the district. The choices include teaching methods — such as Montessori — and content focuses — such as foreign language, the arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and college-preparatory curriculums.

    The Magnet School Guide contains all the information about magnet schools and the online lottery application process.

    Magnet School Guides

    Magnet elementary schools are grouped into three categories: East, West and Citywide, based on the street address where the child lives. Magnet programs are offered to students living anywhere in the district (citywide programs) or to students living in either area (East or West).

    Magnet School Guides

    To find your child's magnet area based on your home address, use the online Find School Assignment tool.

     All magnet elementary schools are open to students with disabilities.

    About Magnet Programs

    About Magnet Application and Enrollment