All In For ALL Kids

  • A Post-Pandemic Plan for Excellence and Equity

    As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, one of the bright spots has been something that we once took for granted, the ability for teachers to be with students in our classrooms, five days a week. This gives us innumerable opportunities to infuse joy into our daily experiences, as well as continue to focus on areas in which CPS excels: innovation, commitment to excellence, and support for the whole child. These traits will serve us well as we continue our journey to accelerate learning for our young scholars through the plan outlined in this document. The work ahead is especially important as we review data from the state of Ohio, which demonstrates that students in urban communities were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. 

    We know we have significant work to do to support our students and are confident in our ability to make significant progress to put all students back on a strong path. Research tells us that for most students, the best approach is accelerated learning. This means that we keep our students on par with on-grade level work while also working at an individual level to ensure they are catching up in areas in which they may need more help. 

    How are we doing this? Read our Accelerated Learning Plan below!

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