School Schedule

  • Arrival

    All students may begin entering the building through the cafeteria door (Door 32) at 7:30 a.m. Students eating breakfast will be fed in the cafeteria. (There will not be any supervision before 7:30 a.m.)


    To protect student safety and allow for a quick and efficient dismissal, please be aware of the following dismissal procedures:

    • All students are to leave the school grounds immediately after school. Students will not be permitted to stand around school grounds.
    • Bus riders will be dismissed first.
    • Walkers, Metro-bus riders, students being picked up by an adult and students staying after school (i.e., sports, student council or detentions) will be dismissed after the bus riders.

    Waiting for a Student at Dismissal

    Security and student accountability is our primary concern during dismissal time. Parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are not permitted to wait inside the building. We ask that they determine a location in front of the school building where the student should meet them for dismissal.

    Kindergarten Dismissal

    All kindergarten bus riders will be escorted to their buses by an adult. All remaining kindergarten students will be picked up in the kindergarten pod (Door #16).