K-12 Testing

  • Students in Cincinnati Public Schools are tested throughout the school year to determine knowledge and skill levels. These tests measure students' achievement to determine strengths and weaknesses, so teachers can adjust instruction to meet students' needs.

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    Grades K-8

    State-Required Testing

    Elementary students participate in testing required by the Ohio Department of Education. This includes:

    • State Diagnostic Assessments in grades K-3
    • Ohio's State Tests (Grades 3-8)
    • Ohio's High School End-of-Course (EOC) Exams
    • Practice Tests for Students & Families

    Instructional Assessments

    Students in grades K-8 participate in a series of assessments throughout the school year in reading, mathematics, science and social studies. These assessments are timed to parallel the teaching of the district's curriculum and are tools to alert teachers to students' academic strengths and weaknesses.

    Nationally Norm-Referenced Standardized Tests

    Cincinnati Public Schools uses the Iowa Assessments norm-referenced standardized test published by Riverside Insights. This test compares a student's performance to a standard of average performance of other students across the nation. Students in grades 2 and 6 are tested in September/October."

    Special College Preparatory Program (SCPP) Examination

    Students must pass an entrance examination to enroll in the Special College Preparatory Program (SCPP) at Walnut Hills High School.

    All Cincinnati Public Schools' sixth-graders take the SCPP exam in October. Students may take the SCPP examination each school year from grades 6 to 11. (Students entering Walnut Hills High School after grade 9 also must meet SCPP graduation requirements to graduate on time.) A retest of the SCPP can be scheduled after receiving written notification of failing scores. Students must wait a minimum of two months before taking a retest, and only one retest per year may be taken.

    Non-CPS Students: Students who live within the CPS district boundaries but attend private or charter schools, or are home-schooled, also may take the SCPP exam in grades 6–11. 

    Out of District: Students who live outside the CPS district boundaries may take the SCPP entrance examination for a $55 fee.

    For additional information, call CPS' Test Administration — (513) 363-0186 or email scpp@cps-k12.org

    Grades 9–12

    State-Required Testing

    Information about Ohio's new graduation requirements is on the Ohio Department of Education's website.

    College-Preparatory Examinations

    All CPS students in 10th and 11th grades may participate in the PSAT (Pre-SAT), which helps students prepare for successful performance on the ACT and SAT college-entrance tests.

    All CPS 11th-graders also take the ACT.

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