• Hands-on learning, a demanding program and world-class staff connect students at Woodward Career Technical High School with promising futures.

    Woodward students graduate with options. With three Career Academy programs to choose from, students can explore their interests in construction, health, bioscience, engineering, manufacturing, electricity, carpentry and much more. They can even qualify for industry credentials before they graduate! Our school is part of the Cincinnati Public Schools’ Career and Workforce Readiness Program. That means Woodward students have access to real-world lessons on career exploration and finding employment.

    Learn more about the academics our students can pursue on our Academics page and more about our career development offerings on our College, Vocational and Career Resources page.


    Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive and structured environment maximizing education, social growth and personal development, which connects the classroom to colleges and careers.


    Our vision is that by 2020, 80 percent of Woodward Career Technical High School graduates will obtain careers in their selected technical area. This high percentage is achieved by developing robust relationships with employers.


    As the oldest high school west of the Allegheny Mountains, Woodward High School has long had an important role in the Cincinnati region.

    Woodward High School was founded by William Woodward. Woodward was born on March 8, 1768 in Windham County, Connecticut. He was the fifth child in a family of 11. He studied to become a surveyor, a profession that brought him in 1791 to a settlement that would one day become Cincinnati.

    As the city grew, so too, did Woodward’s fortunes. As early as 1819, he thought about how to provide education for those who could not afford it. He donated about one acre of ground on which to build a school house. A new four-room red brick school opened its doors on Franklin Street on October 24, 1831. Today, the school that bears Woodward’s name spans 271,000 square feet!

    Woodward died on January 24, 1833, but his memory lives on in a school that is dedicated to helping students survey their options and set a course for success.