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    Fax: 513-363-8920
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 2144 Ferguson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email Sort Order
      Carlos Blair Principal 513-363-8990
      Kimberly White-Colon Asst. Principal 9th- 12th 513-363-8793
      Scott Shepard Asst. Principal 7th/8th 513-363-8991
      Renee Thompson Lead Secretary 513-363-8901
      Vasia Taite Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-8906
      Dominica Griffin Registrar 9th-12th grade 513-363-8904
      Sherri Illoken Registrar 7th/8th 513-363-8951
      Nina Yisrael Treasurer 513-363-8788
      Jeff Rasulis Dean of Discipline 513-363-8772
      Lisa Pope Program Facilitator 513-363-8968
      Corey Parker Resource Coordinator 513-363-8751
      Tory Alexander After School Program Site Coordinator 513-363-8775
      Carletta Triplett Lighthouse 513-363-8744
      Kayla Reuss Psychologist 7-12 513-363-8774
      Kate Ryder Psychologist 7-8 513-363-8970
      Nhat Ha Tran Counselor 7th/8th 513-363-8921
      Kevin Bostater Counselor 9th/10th 513-363-8945
      William McAleenan Counselor 11th/12th 513-363-8709
      Conner Mook Counselor ESL 7th-12th 513-363-8752
      Roger Lee Attendance 513-363-8905
      Phillip O'Neal Athletic Director 513-363-8940
      Debbie Thompson Lunchroom Manager 513-363-8963
      Plant Operator-Day 513-363-8715
      Carlos Cheatham Plant Operator-Night 513-363-8784
      Dental Clinic 513-363-8706


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Aaron Hinton Social Studies 9th-12th 513-363-8742
      Adam Nacke I-CAN 513-363-8989
      Adam Stockfish Science 10th grade 10th 513-363-8956
      Amanda Paisley Math 7th/8th 513-363-8969
      Amanda Snyder Spanish 513-363-8943
      Amy Firis English 7th 513-363-8755
      Angela Moore ESL 11th/12th 513-363-8741
      Anna Colyer Intervention Specialist 9th 513-363-8716
      Anna Dukes Career Coordinator 513-363-8903
      Anthony Roberts Math 10th grade 513-363-8725
      Ariel Hemphill English 10th 513-363-8973
      Ben Levin Intervention Specialist 7th/8th 513-363-8740
      Caitlin Halpin Social Studies 7th/8th 513-363-8927
      Carly Schwarz Intervention Specialist 11th 513-363-8974
      Carrie Hess-Wilson Intervention Specialist 12th 513-363-8719
      Casey Thomas Physical Education/Health 513-363-8916
      Christopher Bangi Physical Education 513-363-8916
      Christopher Kline English 11th 513-363-8975
      Christopher Zerges Choir/Drums 513-363-8971
      Courtney Fox Math Specialist
      Craig Hanthorn Psychologist 9th-12th 513-363-8713
      Dan Caproni Math 12th 513-363-8966
      Dana Dahleh ESL 10th 513-363-8938
      Daniel Neeley Librarian 513-363-8910
      Dave Hudepohl Intervention Specialist 10th 513-363-8766

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