• Virtual High Courses Of Study

    Virtual High School on-line courses are from Apex Learning Academic Curriculum, which provides standard-based courses in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, World Languages, Electives and Advance Placement. With Apex Learning Academic Curriculum, Virtual High School takes advantage of a range of online learning approaches to address critical education challenges and raise achievement for all students from those who are not succeeding in traditional programs, need remediation, intervention, or credit recovery, to students capable of accelerating their learning.

    Virtual High School Profile 2019


    As a company made up of educators, our mission is to provide opportunity and access to high-quality education using technology to improve student outcomes. Put simply, helping your student be successful is our top priority.

    Our learning solutions are designed by educators, tested by students, and built to enhance teaching and drive academic achievement at all levels. We partner with your school or district to expand learning opportunities and flexibility, and are here to support you.

    More information including courses can be found on the Edgenuity Website.

    Core Courses

    Designed to fully meet college preparatory requirements, Apex Learning's comprehensive courses deliver a broad curriculum to support teachers in creating rich, in-depth learning experiences for their students. Each course provides a complete scope and sequence designed to guide students in mastering critical skills and developing an understanding of key concepts as well as encouraging them to go as far as they can with their learning.

    Advanced Placement Options

    Developed specifically for AP students at the high school level, Apex Learning's online Advanced Placement curriculum aligns to the scope and sequence specified by the college board and to widely used textbooks. The online AP curriculum makes extensive use of multimedia in direct instruction tutorials to present key concepts. Multiple forms of representation address different learning styles, allowing students to learn visually, tangibly, verbally, or formally. Students have numerous opportunities to practice skills and apply concepts, often in real-world context. Open ended activities promote the development of higher order skills. The rigorous online AP curriculum has a proven track record of preparing students for success on the AP exams in college.

    High School Course Guide

    Our High School Course Guide includes more detail about the opportunities and resources available to our high school students. Students and their families are encouraged to use the High School Course Guide to plan their educational pathway. The guide includes course descriptions, information about early college credit and alternative credit programs, and more. Graduation requirements, grade reporting, report cards and other policies and procedures are also included in the guide.

    College Credit Plus

    Helps students earn college and high school credits at the same time for free by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. This program will promote students with a rigorous academic pursuit and provide much college readiness. 

    If interested, email or call Cincinnati State's CCP college advisor for questions and eligibility: (513) 569-1700.

    More information.


    • Always be respectful
    • Hats and hoods are discouraged
    • Cell phones should be silenced and put away
    • Appropriate dress is required
    • Be on time and on task

    Graduation Requirements

    20 credits are required in grades 9-12 for graduation, including:

    • English                      4 credits
    • Math                         4 credits
    • Science                      3 credits
    • Social Studies           3 credits
    • Fine Arts                    1 credit
    • Senior High Health  .5 credits
    • Physical Education  .5 credits
    • Electives                    4 credits

    Air Test score of 18 points

    • English 4 points
      • English 1
      • English 2
    • Math 4 points
      • Algebra 1
      • Geometry
    • Social Studies and Science 6 points
      • Biology
      • U.S. History
      • American Government
    • 4 points in any other field

    Alternative Pathways

    If a student is unable to gain the 18 points for the Air Test, students are able to take part in the correct alternate pathways to graduation based on their graduation cohort.

    (If a student started 9th grade in 2016, graduation cohort is 2020. Even if this student has disruption in their schooling progress they are still follow the pathway requirements for 2020.)

    Once a student has taken all their Math (Algebra and Geometry) and English (English 1 and English 2) air test twice they may take part in the Alternate Pathways. Below you can find links that can explain in more detail about these pathways based on the student’s graduation cohort and explain the options of pathways the student may take.


    • A – Excellent 90–100 4
    • B – Above average 80–89 3
    • C – Average 70–79 2
    • D – Below average 60–69 1
    • F – Failure 59 or below 0