• Maintaining a safe, productive environment inside our schools and classrooms is a priority at Cincinnati Public Schools so that our students will learn, grow in character and maturity, and graduate ready for success. This Code of Conduct applies to all CPS students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    • Students must follow the districtwide Code of Conduct before, during and after school. 
    • The Code is in effect inside school buildings, on school grounds and at school-related activities.
    • Students also must follow these rules on the yellow buses or vans, or Metro buses, that bring them to school, take them home and transport them to school-related activities.
    • Student discipline rules noted in CPS' Code of Conduct apply during extended school closures.
    • This Code of Conduct and CPS' discipline procedures are based on Ohio law and CPS Board policies.

    Download and read the revised CPS' Student Code Of Conduct here or review below: Code of Conduct  2023-24  

    Students and parents/guardians should read and understand this Code of Conduct to help model positive behavior for their children and prevent behavioral problems that could lead to disciplinary action.  Questions or concerns about this Code of Conduct? Contact the school's principal or the CPS Customer Care Center: (513) 363-0123.  

    code of conduct parent/guardian acknowledgment form

    Code of Conduct

  • Searches of Students and Property

  • Restorative Practices and the Code of Conduct

  • Working with Families to Keep Students in School and Engaged in Learning

  • CPS Promise Center

  • Emergency Removal and Permanent Expulsion From School

  • Discipline for Young Students

Category 1 Offenses

Category 2 Offenses

Category 3 Offenses