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  • Phone: 513-363-7100  
    Fax: 513-363-7120 
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 3030 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Higgins, Eric Principal 363-7100
      Kyle, Matt Assistant Principal (Junior High) 363-37091
      Makinen, Morgan Assistant Principal (Junior High) 363-37191
      Clerical Support
      Anderson, Beth Registrar 363-7102
      Bryant, Stacey Lead Secretary 363-7101
      Murrell, Angela Cashier 363-7150
      Young, Sherry Attendance Clerk 363-7103
      Career & College Guidance
      Lutes, Jenny Counselor 363-7109
      Williams, Tracey Counselor 363-7106
      School Support Team
      Deitzel, Laura UC Psyschologist 363-7232
      Doll, Ellen Psychologist 363-7113
      Johnson, Joyia School Resource Coordinator (YMCA) 363-7084
      Thompson, Kamilah Speech Pathologist 363-7134
      Poling, Lauren Social Worker 363-7073
      Tate, Anne Psychologist 363-7104
      Blye, Tiya Schol Nurse 363-7105
      Wallis, Cary Tri Health Psyschologist 363-7156
      Gardner, Darryll Security 363-7194
      Muchmore, Matthew Security 363-7194
      Smith, Pam Lead Security 363-7194
      Pope, Rob CPD Resource Officer 363-7100


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Meyers, Brad ELA/SS C100: 7th-8th 363-7098
      Rich, Claire Math/Science C100: 7th-8th 363-7180
      Bresnahan, Tracey Community Paraprofessional C100: 7th-8th 363-7097
      Juengling, Todd ELA/SS C106: 7th-8th 363-7123
      Howard, Alex Math/Science C106: 7th-8th 363-7163
      Machesky, Ryan Community Paraprofessional C106: 7th-8th
      Brown, Tamara ELA/SS C200: 7th-8th 363-7129
      Spangler, Michael Math/Science C200: 7th-8th 363-7174
      Harris, Tatiyanna Community Paraprofessional C200: 7th-8th 363-7114
      Marquard, Jean ELA/SS C206: 7th-8th 363-7158
      Lindley, Michael Math/Science C206: 7th-8th 363-7118
      Vacant Community Paraprofessional C206: 7th-8th 363-7171
      Coyle, Natalie Math/Science C212: 7th-8th 363-7181
      Dyke, Corey ELA/SS C212: 7th-8th 363-7131
      Thompson, Tony Community Paraprofessional C212: 7th-8th 363-7143
      Brown, Beth Phys Science/Biology 9/10 ERIE: 9th-10th 363-7069
      Quay, Shannon English 9/10 ERIE: 9th-10th 363-7140
      Ramsay, Drew Mod World History/US History 9/10 ERIE: 9th-10th 363-7164
      Tran, Paul Math/504 Cor 9/10 ERIE: 9th-10th 363-7152
      Cockrell, Caroline Math 9/10 WOODS: 9th-10th 363-7155
      Gibson (Dulworth), Mary English 9/10 WOODS: 9th-10th 363-7128
      Guilford, Sam US History 9/10 WOODS: 9th-10th 363-7146
      Krisel, Delaney Biology 9/10 WOODS: 9th-10th 363-7122
      Perry, Kim HS Paraprofessional 9/10 WOODS: 9th-10th 363-7122
      Lee-Alvarez, Thess Physics 11/12 ERIE: 11th-12th 363-7127

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