About John J. Gilligan Digital Academy

  • Your Education, Your Way.

    Not all students succeed in a traditional classroom. But at John J. Gilligan Digital Academy (GDA), they thrive. 

    GDA is a K–12 online school that offers a tailor-made education. Students can structure their classes and work in an environment that best suits their individual needs.

    The program is ideal for:

    • Students with a history of good attendance and not failing any subjects.
    • Students who have strong technology skills and adequate word processing, email and web browser experience.
    • Students who have strong study skills and rarely need reminders or assistance in completing routine assignments.
    • Students that demonstrate good independent study skills.
    • Students who are self-directed and do not require real time feedback from teachers regarding basic directions and follow-up support.
    • Students who are reading at or above grade level.
    • Students with parent/guardian support who are willing/able to ensure the student’s active attendance.
    • Students with consistent access to a computer with moderate speed internet service.
    • Students who demonstrate effective time management skills in doing research, basic studies and preparing for assignments and tests.
    • Students interested in online course offerings. 

Our Mission

  • The mission of the John J. Gilligan Digital Academy (GDA) is to provide traditional and nontraditional students with an alternative, technology-based curriculum. GDA will prepare students with the opportunity to become self-motivated, life-long learners in order to become successful, active, and productive citizens in our society.

Why GDA is the Best Online School

  • We believe it’s our:

    • One-on-one connections — We want our students to succeed. That’s why our highly qualified teachers double as cheerleaders, going the extra mile to help our students learn and achieve. They are available by email, text, phone, our online conference tool and even in person. 
    • Flexible scheduling — Students have 24-hour online access to textbooks, science labs and other materials, providing them with the freedom to work at their own pace. They can even graduate earlier than students at a traditional high school!
    • College-preparatory coursework — At GDA, students can earn accredited high school diplomas online from Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) — but that’s not all. Our curriculum prepares students for the real world by giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to pursue the careers of their choice. 
    • Free technology and support — Students are provided with a computer at no cost, on loan for the duration of their enrollment at GDA. CPS provides technical support for loaned computers and will provide Internet access to families who need service. (Students accepted under Open Enrollment will receive free computer hardware but must provide their own Internet access.)
    • Access to extracurriculars — We are so much more than just an eschool. Students in grades 7-12 may select from activities offered at some of CPS' other high schools, including sports.
    • Established track record – GDA was founded in 2011. We are a small program by design, but we have access to CPS' extensive resources. We are here to stay. 


    • Any student in grades K-12 living within the CPS district.
    • Students living outside the boundaries of CPS may enroll tuition-free under CPS’ Open Enrollment policy.


    Students are welcome to set their own pace, but they must complete the equivalent of 25 hours of instruction each week.

    Tools for Success

    We'll provide all the tools students need for success:

    • Free, high-quality laptop computer with Internet access and technical support
    • Access to online textbooks, science labs and other supplemental materials
    • An array of fine arts and elective courses
    • French and Spanish foreign language courses
    • Enrichment opportunities
    • Semester report cards mailed to your home