Degrees and Certifications:

Principal Michele Kipp

Michele Kipp is the Principal of Covedale School. She transitioned to this role from the position as Assistant Principal at the Fairview-Clifton German Language School. Mrs. Kipp has experience as an administrator and instructional leader, and has extensive knowledge of — and connections to — the Westside. Kipp spent a significant part of her early career in the Oak Hills School District.

"I am honored to serve as the Principal at Covedale Elementary and continue the work of the community to improve the educational programs, in and out of school, for students. Covedale’s ‘Tradition of Excellence’ is what holds us together in pursuit of the best options for our children to reach their full potential," said Kipp.

"Mrs. Kipp embodies the spirit of what school leaders have been working on over the past decade," said Jason Dennison, chair of the selection committee. "We were impressed by her commitment to providing rigorous and challenging opportunities for students and staff to grow, while also engaging the community in supporting positive outcomes."