Students at Covedale

Community Leadership Academy

  • The Community Leadership Academy at Covedale School

    At Covedale School, students are encouraged to be leaders within their school and community.

    Through our new Community Leadership Academy, we weave local history into our curriculum. Students learn about and take pride in the history, beauty and value of the community in which they live and attend school.

    An important component of the new Community Leadership Academy is the Leader in Me program, which is built on Dr. Stephen Covey’s "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Students develop and practice timeless leadership and life skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, responsible decision-making, conflict-resolution management and collaboration.

Students at Covedale
  • What Does This Mean for Students?

    Covedale students understand and appreciate local culture and engage the community in developing solutions to real-world problems.

    Covedale students will benefit from:

    • Cross-curricular, self-directed service projects that bring social studies and civics to life, and spur interaction between students and community members
    • Increased interaction with community members through the Covedale Cares mentoring program
    • Opportunities to inquire and discover through a classroom “exploration pack” that includes a GoPRO camera, iPad, drone, and measuring and archaeology tools
    • One technology device per student in grades 2–6; one technology device for every four students in grades K–1
    • New full-time staff members dedicated to helping students develop research and technology skills
    • An enhanced academic experience and improved school culture through the application of the “Seven Habits” in daily learning