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  • Phone: 513-363-1700  
    Fax: 513-363-1720 
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:40 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 5130 Sidney Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Michael McGowan Principal 513-363-1700
      Dr Elaysha Benson Assistant Pricipal 513-363-1700
      Lisa Holloway Senior Support Specialist 513-363-1700
      Shannon Atkinson Senior Support Specialist 513-363-1700
      Patricia Rush Psychologist 513-363-1713
      Wendy Shonk Psychologist 513-363-1713
      Kiana Agbede Social Worker 513-363-1710
      Emily Wittich School Nurse 513-363-1721
      Taneek Porter Resource Coordinator 513-363-1717
      Elex Ogunleye Security 513-363-1700
      Michael Graise Security 513-363-1700
      Amy Taylor Plant Operator 513-363-1715
      Donte Dean Custodian 513-363-1700


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Stacey Morehead Preschool Pre-K 513-363-1750
      Samathan DiMario All Kindergarten 513-363-1716
      Herman Daniels All Kindergarten 513-363-1728
      Jeanine Breadon MH Primary K-3 513-363-1726
      Nina Lige ELA/Social Studies 1st 513-363-1730
      Rebekah Wright Math/Science 1st 513-363-1736
      Kathy Dennison ELA 2nd 513-363-1747
      Katherine Gregory Science/Social Studies 2nd 513-363-1745
      Melissa Wasson Math 2nd 513-363-1742
      Jeanne Handorf ELA 3rd 513-363-1752
      Lori Keller Science/Social Studies 3rd 513-363-1788
      Brenda Polis Math 3rd 513-363-1751
      Hollie Wimmers MH Intermediate 4th,5th & 6th 513-363-1739
      Tina Conrad Science 4th/5th Colts Team 513-363-1735
      Sarah Eppert Math 4th/5th Colts Team 513-363-1749
      Tony Nalley Social Studies 4th/5th Colts Team 513-363-1762
      Whitney Szabo ELA 4th/5th Colts Team 513-363-1746
      Kathy Griggs ELA 5th/6th Covedale Team 513-363-1755
      Kaitlyn Ireland Math 5th/6th Covedale Team 513-363-1760
      Brian Steinriede Science 5th/6th Covedale Team 513-363-1744
      Devonna Luckey-Elijah Social Studies 5th/6th Covedale Team 513-363-1754
      Bailey Allgeyer Art All 513-363-1756
      Jennifer Hanlon PE All 513-363-1724
      Sara Redman Computer Lab All 513-363-1729
      Michael Winland Music All 513-363-1722

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