• At Chase, we emphasize student achievement. In fact, we received the High Progress Award from the Ohio Department of Education for our progress as a turn-around school. Today we are one of the highest performing schools in the district.

    How do we do it? With a keen focus on consistency and student support. We maintain key expectations in every classroom. Through data-driven instruction, we effectively tailor our instruction to fit each student's needs. Data folders and data talks ensure our students understand what is expected of them and enable them to measure their progress in meeting their academic goals.

    We also use project-based learning in our classrooms. These hands-on lessons require students to use skills and knowledge from different subjects to solve a problem. It is not just a math project or just a writing project. In that way, they strengthen their critical thinking skills and apply the lessons they learn in a more real-world format.

    Above all, we foster a growth mindset. Our students know they can grow and improve their achievement. Our teachers and support staff know that they, as well as their students, are capable of growth. Our students learn from us, but we also learn from them, which makes our classrooms dynamic and exciting places to learn!