About Cheviot School

  • Cheviot is a neighborhood school serving students in preschool through sixth grade. Our diversity is a point of pride; in fact, our students represent 23 countries.

    At Cheviot, we believe in leadership, academic growth and achievement for all children. Through our Leader in Me program, we are empowering our students to become leaders of themselves and their futures. We are providing skills and instilling habits that will serve our students throughout their lifetime. We are also home to the Cincinnati Gifted Academy West, a magnet program for academically talented students in grades 3-6. Our focus on personal and academic achievement is making a difference as our school shows year-over-year gains in student growth.

    We take pride in having a loving, equitable environment with high expectations for all.


    We are a community of leaders. Our strengths and gifts create our greatness. We empower students to change their paradigm to embody leadership qualities and lifelong learning and problem solving. We are leaders in life, community and self.


    Our vision is to prepare students to be responsible citizens, connected to the world in an empowering and positive way, and to promote lifelong learning.

    School Motto

    Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Student Leadership Pledge

    I pledge to be a leader,
    proactive in every way.
    I will learn all I can,
    and think win-win today.
    I will work first, play later,
    I know it starts with me.
    I will live the Seven Habits,
    it's my destiny.

    Before-/After-School Care

    The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is thrilled to offer free-to-low cost before- and after-school quality child care programs at Cheviot Elementary. Enrolling your child in the Y allows him/her to participate in many enriching activities, including movement and music, Culture Club, reading and math tutoring, homework assistance, field trips, tennis, special events and much more. The program also offers dinner, snack and, most important, a genuine concern for your child. Students can be dropped off at 6:30 a.m. for before-school care. They may stay as late as 6:00 p.m. for after-school care. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the before- or after-school program at the YMCA at Cheviot Elementary, please contact the YMCA at (513) 661-1105. The Y: for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

    Community Learning Centers

    For our schools to transform, our communities must be revitalized. For our communities to revitalize, our schools must be transformed. They are dependent on each other and Community Learning Centers are the link.

    What is a Community Learning Center (CLC)?
    Schools and the communities they serve are closely linked. Seldom does one succeed without the success of the other. That's why our CLCs support student achievement, enrich and revitalize communities, and maximize the community's return on their financial investment.

    We are very proud to be a CLC and a neighborhood anchor. We strive to go beyond academics to focus on the whole child by serving as a hub for community services that are available to all students, their families and the entire community. We are able to offer a variety of services thanks to the collaboration and support of our many partners and the committed community of Cheviot.

    Our Resource Coordinator

    Mr. Onyango Collier is the Resource Coordinator for Cheviot.

    The key component of a CLC is the partners who provide services and support. To manage and align these valuable partnerships, our full-time, onsite Resource Coordinator, Mr. Collier, plays an integral role in the success of the CLC.

    To learn more about the services available at our school or how your company or organization can become a CLC partner or volunteer, please contact Mr. Collier at (513) 363-1400 or via email.

    Local School Decision-Making Committee (LSDMC)

    LSDMC is a group of parents, teachers and community representatives. The group functions in an advisory role to the principal to determine program, policy and budget issues for the school.

    School Visits and Tours

    We welcome visits from parents and guardians as well as prospective families who would like a tour. To protect student safety, all visitors must register in the office before going to the classroom. Parents/guardians who would like a conference with their child's teacher must schedule an appointment with the teacher.

    Tours are also available on request. To schedule a tour, stop by our main office or call us at (513) 363-1400.