About Project Connect

  • Project Connect logoChildren account for the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.

    While families and shelters work to fulfill the basic human needs — food, clothing and shelter — the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness are often pushed aside.

    Founded in 1996, Project Connect provides advocacy paired with specialized educational services and lifestyle enrichment opportunities for children who have neither a voice, nor a choice, in being homeless. Cincinnati Public Schools serves about 1,700 students whose families are homeless.

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    To help these children, Project Connect:

    • adult holding a child's handClears obstacles to enrollment and attendance
    • Arranges transportation
    • Distributes school supplies and backpacks
    • Supplies uniforms and clothing
    • Arranges immediate access to the free lunch program
    • Makes referrals to other educational resources
    • Offers an eight-week summer academic and enrichment program
    • Provides tutoring and enrichment opportunities through after-school programs
    • Encourages parents to increase their involvement in their children's education
    • Advocates and increases awareness of educational rights

    Project Connect Services

    Community Resources — Help is Available for CPS Families

    Did You Know?

    • The average age of a homeless person is only 9 years old.
    • Families comprise 40% of the homeless population.
    • Children experiencing homelessness change schools 7-8 times per year.
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    For Parents

    What Parents Need to Know

    Help Wanted

    Donations Welcome

    To make a donation, contact the Project Connect office (513) 363-6570 for more details.

    Homeless Liaisons

    Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, every school district is required to appoint a liaison. Project Connect serves as an information resource for homeless liaisons working in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren Counties.

    Homeless Liaisons are school staff members responsible for identifying homeless students, ensuring school enrollment and attendance, and providing opportunities for academic success.

    Call Project Connect if you have questions concerning:

    • Dispute resolution
    • Transportation services
    • School supplies
    • Enrollment process

    Project Connect is also available to conduct workshops concerning implementation of the McKinney-Vento Act. Please call to arrange a session or request a complete list of homeless liaisons.

    To reach Project Connect, call (513) 363-6570.