Project-Based Learning in the Community

  • Students can unleash new potential and inspire greatness in the Sayler Park community with the introduction of the Project-Based Learning in the Community program.

    What Does This Mean for Students?

    Research shows that students who engage in project-based learning retain information longer and can apply it in different ways. This program is a perfect fit for our students as they work alongside our village of engaged citizens to problem-solve for the community and achieve academic success. Students will be transformed by new learning environments that foster inquiry, discovery, critical thinking and collaboration.

    The Project-Based Learning in the Community program will be implemented for students in grades 4–8 for the 2018–19 year and will include students in grades K–3 the following academic year.

    Sayler Park teacher and student interacting in classSayler Park School students will benefit from:

    • Self-directed community service projects that will help them develop leadership skills, both in and out of the classroom
    • A strong sense of purpose that comes from taking initiative and collaborating on real-world challenges
    • Opportunities to engage with and present to the Sayler Park Village Council
    • An experienced and committed staff — nearly 70 percent of our teachers have taught at Sayler Park for at least 15 years
    • Field trips that encourage effective communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity