• A High School of Choice

    Providing an educational environment with an international perspective, this school's three programs and services prepare students to meet the challenges of a diverse society. Technology-infused learning with an international focus prepares students to enter a global economy, and a student body from more than 37 countries offers a unique environment for global awareness. This school was chosen as a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education.

    Vision and Mission 

    Our vision is to see life-long learners who are change agent leaders in their respective field of interest and are equipped with the capacity to adapt to change and provide innovative solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century.

    Our mission is to inspire, develop, cultivate and deploy skilled and equipped students who are critically-thinking leaders of the world around them and who effect change to positively impact our local, state, national and global business communities.

    Our Culture & Philosophy

    Withrow University High School is a safe place to learn, grow, make mistakes and learn from them:

    • We set and demand high expectations of academic success and mastery from each of our students
    • Through disciplined hard work, resilience, tenacity and fortitude, every student will:
      • Be fully engage in rigorous cutting edge core, fine arts and business courses
      • Not be afraid to take risks
      • Not be afraid to make mistakes
      • Learn from one’s mistakes 
      • Use one’s mistakes to catapult them forward into confidently embracing and manifesting the hidden talents, gifts and leadership skills from within

    School of Business

    The purpose of the High School of Business is to offer college-prep students the opportunity to excel in a near college-level business administration program while still in high school. It offers challenging, rigorous courses through a program that provides breadth and depth of business knowledge and bridges the gap between academic learning and how it is used to solve complex business problems in the real world.
    The Withrow High School of Business experience consists of a series of required business administration courses and an observational internship. 

    •       Principles of Business
    •       Business Economics
    •       Principles of Marketing
    •       Principles of Management
    •       Business Admin Marketing
    •       Principles of Finance
    •       Legal Writing
    •       Business Strategies

    Credit Flex

    Withrow University High School has one of the more robust Credit Flex programs in Cincinnati Public Schools. Over the years, seniors earned college credit through our Cincinnati State Partnership. Additionally, we have piloted an online psychology and sociology course through Cincinnati State. 

    International Language Program

    Our strong academic program offers four years of world language study and four years of academic preparation in core subjects and globally oriented courses, such as Spanish Heritage and Multicultural Arts.

    School Tours

    We welcome visits from parents and guardians as well as prospective families who would like a tour. If you would like to schedule a visit, please call our main office at (513) 363-9200.

  • Front of Withrow Building Withrow High School Alma Mater

    Gentle slopes and lofty tower radiant in the sun
    Arching bridge and shaded valley all our hearts are won.
    Withrow’s beauty, Withrow’s splendor fill our hearts with pride
    Love for you our Alma Mater ever will abide.

    Friendships made in search of knowledge cherished bonds and true
    Memories of golden hours hold us close to you.
    As we venture from your portals aims held ever high
    We’ll look back to glimpse once more the tower ‘gainst the sky.

    LYRICS by Rowena Hezlep, ’46