• My Tomorrow*ed

    Learn more about how My Tomorrow Today is transforming education for CPS students.

    Biomedical lab assistant. Pharmacist. General contractor. Welder. Machinist. Engineer.

    These are just some of the in-demand careers that Woodward Career Technical High School students graduate ready to pursue. Our Career Academies – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Building Technologies and Health Technology – give students a leg up on some of the fastest growing industries in Ohio.

    Career exploration begins in grade 7. At every grade level, Woodward Career Technical High School students gain the skills they will need for the workplace for the 21st century. Every student is prepared for the future, no matter where their career paths will lead.

    Graduate with Options

    All of Woodward’s academic programs prepare students for both college and apprenticeship training. Seniors can earn both high school and college for:

    • English Composition
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Medical Terminology
    • Construction Management

    Students can also take Advanced Placement classes in:

    • Biology
    • Human Geography
    • Psychology
    • English Literature

    High School Course Guide

    Our High School Course Guide includes more details about the opportunities and resources available to our high school students. Students and their families are encouraged to use the High School Course Guide to plan their educational pathway. The guide includes course descriptions, information about early college credit and alternative credit programs, and more. Graduation requirements, grade reporting, report cards and other policies and procedures are also included in the guide.

    Career Academies

    • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies — The manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing job sectors. Career pathways in manufacturing include cars, computers, cell phones, refrigerators, televisions and more.
    • Building Technologies — Students who like to work with their hands are introduced to the theory and business of construction. They learn the math and physics involved in construction and how to set up a small business.
    • Health Technologies — Healthcare is a growing field. Students benefit from hands-on learning and field experience in Biotechnology, Laboratory Science, Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Patient Care Technology.

    Middle School Academics

    Through My Tomorrow, students learn about themselves — their dreams, their aspirations and their strengths. We are combining this with higher expectations and greater access to technology to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue the pathways of their choice. Already the benefits are evident in our classrooms as students make new and exciting connections within themselves, with each other and with their future.

    Students are also eligible to receive the following certifications: First Aid/CPR and AED