• There are two categories of academic standards that provide the foundation upon which the curriculum here at Roll Hill is based:

    1. Common Core State Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics
    2. The New Ohio Learning Standards for Science and Social Studies

    We want to ensure that all our classes are rigorous enough for our students to be college-bound. We also have specialized classes in Physical Education, Musical Art, Visual Art, Technology, and Media/ Library that are designed to broaden the horizons of all students. Read more about CPS's push for all students to be accelerated learners.

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    At Roll Hill, it is our goal to provide our students and staff with a safe and pleasant environment in which to learn and work. We have a lot of great things going on around our Community Learning Center (CLC).

    Community Learning Center

    As a CLC, we want the community, parents, students, teachers, and staff to know what to expect in our school. What that means is we are raising the expectations of our school, and we are implementing the tools needed to make it a reality. Through the use of Cooperative Learning and the Elementary Initiative, we anticipate a higher gain in our student scores and that we will move closer to our goal of making AYP. It is important that the CLC understand that academic accountability, rigorous state and district standards, is what drives our school. Our primary concern is student success, and that is excellence.  We expect our students to always follow the 3B's so that learning can be the priority for everyone.  Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible!

    As a Cincinnati Public School, we are focused on giving our students a leg up in college and the workforce. Through My Tomorrow, we are transforming our classrooms into highly engaging learning environments. From the earliest grades through sixth grade, Roll Hill students are gaining the skills and knowledge they will need to navigate a dynamic world.

    We are ensuring our K-6 students develop strong reading skills.  We are making classes more student-led, more challenging and more inter-disciplinary. We are continuing to focus on educating the whole child, ensuring we offer a broad range of academic, arts and extracurricular opportunities through our Hi-Technology Vision2020 program. And we continue to make inroads in bridging the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants by providing students with more access to technology that supports their academics.  Each day we strive to meet expectations by ensuring our Grades K-3 receive 120 minutes for ELA and 90 minutes for Math and Grades 4-6 receive 90 minutes for ELA and Math, and 45 minutes for Science/Social studies. 

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