• At Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, we strongly believe that all children should be treated with respect and understanding, and should be given every opportunity to be successful. Where Learning is Embraced with Love is not just a slogan at our school. Instead, it’s the best way to describe the environment we create for each of our talented students. Our holistic approach to ensuring academic success combines high expectations with a nurturing and family-oriented atmosphere. The formula has earned us widespread attention as a powerful example of academic success in an urban setting.

    We cultivate top scholars through proven teaching methods used to spark each student’s natural interest in learning – laying a strong foundation for high school and beyond. In addition to rigorous academic studies, we bring classwork to life through a wide array of enrichment activities, field trips and special programs. Our formula helps students learn to think critically, work collaboratively and act boldly – preparing them for leadership when their opportunities arise.

    How are we making a difference? Not only are our teachers and staff absolutely committed to our students, we also have the following programs and strategies in place to inspire students and foster academic growth.

    Rothenberg students working in the rooftop garden4-H Agri-Science

    Learning is brought to life through the 4-H (Heart, Head, Hands, Health) agri-science curriculum, provided by The Ohio State University Extension. The program introduces a new generation of students to the world of agri-science though STEM education. Agriculturally based examples are used to teach about science, food, nutrition and related topics in a hands-on way in the classroom. Elementary students are offered a broader understanding of where their food comes from and the wide array of career opportunities available in the food and agricultural industries. The 4-H portion of 4-H agri-science in the city provides classroom instruction as a complement to regular coursework; afterschool and summer programs, including a 4-H community club program for interested students; and the participation of parents and community members to support the effort.

    Positive School Culture

    We are always ecstatic to reward our students who are serious about their education. Students can receive Falcon Bucks so that they may purchase items from our Falcon Store, such as school supplies, personal hygiene products, books, toys, puzzles and household items. On Fridays, the principal visits each classroom asking for the students who have earned the 110% coupon. These students receive a special treat for being great citizens, arriving at school every day on time, and completing all classroom assignments. At the end of each quarter, students who have great attendance and Citizenship attend a field trip. Read more about CPS Positive School Culture.

    Rooftop Garden Program

    The Rothenberg Rooftop School Garden provides unique learning opportunities for the students of Rothenberg Preparatory Academy through hands-on garden-based lessons and engages community members in rooftop garden activities through the school’s function as a Community Learning Center.

    Integrated with math, science and language arts, the Rooftop Garden Program creates opportunities to enhance students' learning, develop critical thinking skills, and foster stewardship of their surroundings and community.

    Partners: Rothenberg Rooftop Garden Guild, Over-The-Rhine Foundation, Cincinnati Public Schools
    Designer: University of Cincinnati Community Design Center
    Contractors: Green City Resources, Tecta America