Be Present!

    To “Be Present!” is more than being seen - it is about making each engaging opportunity with our schools and students authentic, to help them prepare for the future. Our students, given the right support, can achieve at high levels. It truly takes an entire community to help a child reach their full potential.

    Cincinnati Public Schools has launched the “Be Present!” campaign for the 2022-2023 school year to help key stakeholders find their own special way to support students. Below is a list of key stakeholders that can easily find their place at CPS to “Be Present!”

    • Students "BE PRESENT!" In School. On Time. Ready To Learn.
    • Teachers  "BE PRESENT!" At CPS. Achieving Greatness. Ready For Success.
    • Families - "BE PRESENT!" At Home. With Students. Ready To Support.
    • Community - "BE PRESENT!" In Cincinnati. Partnering Together. Ready To Engage. 

    We want students in class every day and ready to learn. From our teachers and non-instructional staff, pay attention to students' talents, encourage them to pursue their passions and celebrate their success. We want families and caregivers to be their child’s number one advocate in their educational journey by attending parent-teacher conferences, volunteering, getting involved with parent organizations, reading to and with their children, helping them with their homework and making sure they have a dedicated space at home to study.  From businesses, faith-based organizations and neighborhood associations, come partner with us – volunteer, mentor, tutor and/or donate in-kind or your time. 

    No matter how small you think your effort might be, it matters to our children - and it’s important.

Take The "Be Present" Pledge!

  • Take the “Be Present!” pledge and get engaged. By completing the pledge, CPS will add you to the “Be Present!” mailing list and send you periodic communications, information, and event updates.


    We appreciate your support!  


    Click on the video below to watch CPS Superintendent Iranetta Rayborn Wright announce the "Be Present" Campaign during a press conference held on August 12, 2022. 

Be Present! Events

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