Local Decision Making Committee (LSDMC)

  • What is the LSDMC? 

    The LSDMC is the primary governing body for each school in Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS). This important committee gives insight and input into important decisions that impact students’ lives and shape their educational experience. The Fairview-Clifton LSDMC collaborates with our Lead Agency partner, Miami University, and two main parent organizations of our school - GEBAS Parent Teacher Organization, and the Fairview Athletic Boosters - to support the mission and vision of our school community.

    Who is on the Fairview-Clifton LSDMC?   

    CPS Board policy governs LSDMC membership and gives proportional representation to all stakeholder groups. Membership comprises four major constituencies, with a minimum of 12 members. The number of core members may increase but should remain proportional. Members are asked to serve two-year terms that may be extended for an additional two years but not exceed a length of four years. 

Fairview-Clifton LSDMC Members

  • Parent Representatives

  • Community Members

  • Teaching Staff

  • Non-Teaching Staff

Meeting Dates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

  • The LSDMC will hold in-person meetings throughout the 2023-2024 year on site at Fairview-Clifton German Language School.These meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Community Flex Room from 5:00-6:30pm.

    Here is a list of the dates: 

    • September 12, 2023
    • October 10, 2023
    • November 14, 2023
    • December 12, 2023
    • January 9, 2024
    • February 13, 2024
    • March 12, 2024
    • April 9, 2024
    • May 14, 2024

    To join virtually, please use the following link and be sure to mute your microphone: https://meet.google.com/xef-ipjq-mpj 

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