• Preschool is a very important stepping stone to your child's future. It is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. Our preschool staff members teach students how to think, make good choices and learn to act with purpose through play, lessons and activities that will prepare them for kindergarten.

    Cincinnati Public Schools provides quality, comprehensive preschool programs and collaborative services to support young children and families for lifelong learning — CPS has a long history of providing quality preschool programs. All CPS preschools are evaluated by the Ohio Department Education, the majority of which are rated five stars, the state's highest rating.

    For more information, call our Early Childhood Department at (513) 363-0240 or fill out the preschool interest form and you will be contacted about a high-quality preschool for your child.

Areas of exploration

  • CPS 5-Star Preschool logoStudents in our preschool have multiple areas to explore:

    • English Language Arts Center (speaking, listening, writing and reading): Through the language arts areas, children develop oral language and vocabulary, listening skills, letter recognition, rhymes, phonics, reading readiness skills, social skills and a positive attitude about reading.
    • Library: In the library area, children can improve oral language, listening skills and reading readiness skills, and can learn new concepts and develop a love of books and reading.
    • Computers: Research indicates that computer technology can help support learning and that it is especially useful in developing the higher order skills of critical thinking, analysis and scientific inquiry.
    • Small Motor Area: In the small motor areas, children develop small muscles and eye-hand coordination, increase their attention span, improve social skills, and build concepts about size, shape, color and pattern.
    • Math Area: In the math area, children learn counting, grouping, patterns, comparisons, time measurements, addition, subtraction, small motor skills, geometric shapes, problem solving and social skills.
    • Blocks: Through playing with blocks, children develop concepts of number, size, shape, space and weight. They also improve manipulative skills, language, social skills and self-confidence while deriving personal satisfaction.
    • Music/Listening Center: Through music, children can improve auditory discrimination and auditory memory, verbal expression, motor skills, and creativity. They also learn about beat, rhythm, tempo and melody, as well as derive personal enjoyment.
    • Dramatic Play/Kitchen/Toy Shelf: Through dramatic play, children learn cooperative play and social skills using appropriate interactions, practice language skills and express creativity.
    • Science: Through the science area, children are able to experiment, explore, investigate, solve problems, make decisions, develop concepts about science and nature, improve language, interact socially and develop sensory skills and math concepts.