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  • Phone: 513-363-1400  
    Fax: 513-363-1420 
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:40 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 4040 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Tammy Solomon-Gray Principal 513-363-1490
      Andrew Miller Asst Principal 513-363-1491
      Erica Moses Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-1402
      Shawna Whigham-Peoples Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-1401
      Georgia Hamilton Attendance Clerk
      Onyango Collier Resource Coordinator 513-363-1465
      Christine Antram Psychologist 513-363-1413
      Joy Kain Social Worker
      Erica Merriweather Nurse 513-363-1421
      Laura Knopf Speech Therapist 513-363-1457
      Glenna Peterson Security 513-363-1492
      Ernest Greenwood Security 513-363-1492
      Lauren Gum OT 513-363-1425
      Diana Baldwin PT 513-363-1425


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Cindy Saulsbury PreK Preschool 513-363-1476
      Kimberly Phillips PreK Preschool Disability 513-363-1466
      Brittany Bates-Zabad ELA/SS, Math/Science Kindergarten 513-363-1437
      Theresa Berding Math/Science Kindergarten - Co-Teacher 513-363-1417
      Paula McNeill ELA/SS Kindergarten 513-363-1423
      Lindsey Speed Math/Science Kindergarten - Co-Teacher 513-363-1417
      Aisha Berry ELA/SS First 513-363-1422
      Ashley Randolph Math/SS First 513-363-1472
      Jessica Rose ELA/Science First 513-363-1482
      Emily Coleman Math/Science First 513-363-1434
      Andrita Pickens Science/SS Second 513-363-1473
      Dahlia Zack ELA Second 513-363-1481
      Jazmyn Underwood Math Specialist Second 513-363-1445
      Marissa Pavlik ELA Third 513-363-1479
      Paul Seiler Science/SS Third 513-363-1454
      Renee Nelson Math Third 513-363-1469
      Emily Back ELA Fourth 513-363-1416
      Jason Bernstein Math Fourth 513-363-1429
      Michaela Smith Science/SS Fourth 513-363-1435
      Carleen Healy ELA Fifth 513-363-1441
      Sierra Dawson Science/SS Fifth 513-363-1487
      Jennifer Henriques Math Fifth 513-363-1439
      William Cunningham SS Sixth 513-363-1438
      April Martin ELA Sixth 513-363-1442
      Kimberly Kelley-Harris Math Sixth 513-363-1428 harrkim@cpsboe.k12,

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