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    Fax: 513-363-4620
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:50 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 1702 Grand Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Our Location

      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Joshua Halliwell Principal 513-363-4690
      Ndaya Kalubi Harper Assisant Principal 513-363-4691
      Oscar Carvalho Neto Assisant Principal 513-363-4602
      Kwamiria Rahe Senior Support Specialist 513-363-4604
      Markieta Welbers Senior Support Specialist 513-363-4601
      Hernando Chaves Medina EL Coordinator 513-363-4603
      Suzan DeCicca Social Worker 513-363-4656
      Carlos Guzman Director of Welcome Center 513-363-4697
      Antonio Fernandez Resource Coordinator 513-363-4643
      Desmond Jarmon Building Engineer 513-363-4615
      Lunchroom Manager 513-363-4698
      Joshua Cooke Security 513-363-4678
      Victori Glover Security 513-363-4678
      Arthur Peterson Security 513-363-4678


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Antrobus, Susanna Food Service Helper 513-363-4698
      Argast, Alexis ELA/Social Studies 3rd Grade 513-363-4638
      Barnes-Kroner, Sydney ESL 513-363-4668
      Berning, Jennifer ESL 513-363-4607
      Brantley, James ELA 8th Grade 513-363-4642
      Brubaker, Amy Math/Science 3rd Grade 513-363-4670
      Brunner, Tracye Paraprofessional 513-363-4655
      Bryan, Margaret Intervention Specialist 513-363-4640
      Burbridge, Brandon ALC 513-363-4637
      Burbridge, Dominique Paraprofessional 513-363-4681
      Burns, Robert Paraprofessional 513-363-4674
      Burns, Sharon All 1st Grade 513-363-4646
      Campbell, Jeff Phsyical Education 513-363-4626
      Ceaser, Jared All 1st Grade 513-363-4649
      Chiarella, Vincent Science/Social Studies 4th Grade 513-363-4650
      Chrystal, Michelle Intervention Specialist 513-363-4605
      Colon, Joe SS/Sci 6th Grade 513-363-4682
      Cuevas Johnson, Ligia SLIFE 513-363-4666
      Davis, Pamela ELA 5th Grade 513-363-4665
      De La Paz, Kimberly All Pre Kindergarten 513-363-4687
      Degreg, Nicole Nurse Practicioner 513-363-4669
      Desfosses, Caitlyn Math 7th Grade 513-363-4654
      Endres, Erika MD 513-363-4673
      Ervick, Melissa Kindergarten 513-363-4681
      Estes, Mamie Paraprofessional 513-363-4628

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