• Getting students to and from school every school day is a huge task and among the most complex responsibilities entrusted to Cincinnati Public Schools.

    Yellow school buses (elementary schools) and Metro buses (public transportation; high schools only) carry 45,000 students daily (CPS, and private and charter school students) — approximately 20,500 yellow bus riders and approximately 14,500 Metro bus riders. Our buses travel more than 200,000 miles a week — that's about eight times around the globe every week! Yellow buses alone cover more than 5 million miles a year transporting students.

    School transportation services are offered to eligible students who live within the boundaries of the Cincinnati Public School District and attend CPS schools, as well as students who live within the CPS district and attend charter and private (nonpublic) schools.

    CPS Access Pupil Transportation Office determines the appropriate type of transportation service to be used, such as:

    • Yellow bus (for regular and special-needs students and magnet programs) - grades K-8
    • Metro bus (public transportation) - grades 9-12, extracurricular/aftershool activities grades 7-12
      • Any student in grades 7 and 8 can choose to ride Metro instead of using the yellow bus service. Requests for reassignment may be done online. Students reassigned to Metro will be removed from their yellow bus route and receive their Metro pass from their school.  
        Request for reassignment form
    • Ambulance (special-needs students with medical conditions)
    • Parent reimbursement (offered in lieu of service for students who are determined to be "impractical" to transport because of distance or scheduling).
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  • Watch the CPS Transportation Information Session Below: 

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  • CPS Access Pupil Transportation

    Phone: (513) 363-RIDE (7433)
    Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.


    To speed up the process, CPS has automated the request for Alternative Stop Request and Deviated Childcare Request Form. Please click on the button below to submit electronically.



45,000 students take buses daily.