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Volunteer Helps Cheviot School Students Develop Reading Skills

A devoted CPS volunteer commits to “Be Present!” every week as he helps Cheviot School kindergartners develop their reading skills.

Greg D. volunteers through the Queen City Book Bank’s program, which offers a variety of literacy services. Greg’s former neighbor, and the Education Director for the program, recruited the retiree to lend a helping hand. It was a no-brainer for Greg– an avid-reader. 

“It was really very easy to get started as a volunteer,” Greg said. “They give you enough to make you feel comfortable walking in so you can start to support literacy and development in the community.” 

Greg’s role is to reinforce what students are already learning from their teachers, from the alphabet to spelling their names. He works one-on-one with children, which he thinks helps them break out of their shells. Greg says patience and positive reinforcement are the keys to success. 

“The kids have fun. I try to make it fun,” Greg said. “At first, they’re very shy, and then they get into it. They start laughing and they’re fine. I can joke around with them.”

By the end of the school year, Greg hopes to be teaching students sight words and sounding out words.  

“If I can help them a little, then I have done something good,” Greg said.

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Interested in helping CPS students improve literacy? The Read 2 Lead program is a great way to get involved. Click here to learn more: