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Cheviot Students Showcase Leadership Opportunities

Students at Cheviot School showcased their leadership skills to visitors during Leadership Day.

Cehviot Leadership Day “Student leaders were giving tours of the building, telling visitors about the ‘Leader in Me’ process of our school and how they are taught to be leaders in the culture of our building,” music teacher Lederrick Wesley said.

Students from the Student Lighthouse Team, Cheviot’s student council, and other student-leaders were nominated by teachers to serve as tour guides, speakers and greeters. Cheviot Leadership Day

“Any student who was asked a question gave information about their growth academically and socially, as well as how they are being taught to be a leader in the school,” Wesley said. “All staff and students were excited to showcase the school and the growth we have shown academically and as a leadership school.  We welcome anyone to see the great and amazing things at our school. Kids are growing and excited about their leadership abilities.”

Cheviot Leadership Day Over 40 participants attended Cheviot Leadership Day, including Board Members Mary Wineberg and Dr. Kareem Moncree-Moffett, representatives from Franklin Covey, Kroner Cleaners, AmeriCorps Foster/Grandparent Program, Adopt-a-Class, Cheviot City Council, Activities Beyond the Classroom, Cincinnati Hope Coalition and teachers and staff from several local schools.

The day ended with a school wide performance of the song, “Leader in the Mirror.”

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