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Cheviot School Volunteer Answers the Call to “Be Present!”

CPS volunteers are at the heart of our school communities, demonstrating what it means to see a need, jump in and “Be Present!” for students.

Jennifer Miller became a volunteer on the first day of school. While dropping her son off at school, she noticed students might need extra help as they’re arriving at school in the morning.
“I’m like, let me jump in here! Here’s where you go, here’s your book bag, let’s walk into the building, Miller said. “After that, every day I helped with the car riders.”

Miller, who has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development, caught the attention of Cheviot Assistant Principal Kevin Williams and was soon hired. She is now living her dream as a paraprofessional.

Miller describes Cheviot School as one big family.
“This was always where I was supposed to be,” Miller said.

Inspired by her own kindergarten teacher, Miller hopes to connect with every student, whether by helping with schoolwork, being a champion or simply listening.
“Be somebody’s sunshine on their rainy day,” Miller said. “A smile can change somebody’s whole life around because you don’t know what someone is dealing with.”

Interested in becoming a “Be Present!” volunteer? Click here to learn more about upcoming events and volunteer orientation sessions.
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