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Cheviot Students Host Food Drive for Ramadan

Students at Cheviot School got in the spirit of Ramadan by hosting a food drive for those in need. 

Students collected over 150 cans of food to donate to the Clifton Mosque. 

Kathleen Brogan, ESL Specialist for CPS, says that Cheviot has a large number of Muslim students who are eager to teach her and others about their religion and culture.  

“Some of our Muslim students asked their teacher last year if they could do a food drive for Ramadan, and since then it has really taken off,” said Brogan. “It was all their idea, and we’re really just the ones who helped facilitate it.” 

Youssef Habbouli, fourth grader at Cheviot, attends the Clifton Mosque where members frequently shared how proud and excited they are for the school’s donation.  

“Ramadan is about thinking of others,” said Habbouli. “It was a lot of hard work to get the donations. We even stayed after school to get everything together in boxes, but everyone’s really excited about it.” 

Zakat, meaning almsgiving or charity, is one of the five pillars of Islam. During Ramadan, larger donations are often made. 

“It feels good,” said Issa Ndiaye, student at Cheviot. “Because of us, fewer people will be hungry and we can really be a part of one of the big pieces of Ramadan.” 

Cheviot ESL coordinator  Yusseff holding donations