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Empowering Strides: Mary Jane's Journey with Girls on the Run

At Silverton Academy, sixth-grader Mary Jane Hicks, a determined student with disabilities, embarked on a journey through participation in Girls on the Run. Supported by her teacher, Erin Vogt, and her family, Mary Jane's experience was marked by resilience and newfound confidence.

Before joining Girls on the Run, Hicks faced challenges with mobility and social interaction. Recognizing her potential, Vogt introduced her to the program. Under the guidance of dedicated coaches like Erin, Hicks learned to navigate physical barriers and build friendships.

Girls on the Run is an evidence-based program that inspires participants to recognize their inner strength, increase their level of physical activity, imagine their possibilities, and confidently stand up for themselves and others.

Equipped with adaptive tools and fueled by her passion for music, Hicks embraced the program's activities alongside her peers. Through running, she not only improved her physical well-being but also cultivated a sense of belonging within the supportive community.

"She has grown so much,” Vogt said. “She went from not engaging to completing three laps which is one mile. She loves to sing and walk to the cadence of the music."

As a result of her participation, Hicks experienced a notable boost in confidence, leading to physical and personal growth. 

Ultimately, Girls on the Run provided Mary Jane with a platform to thrive, highlighting the importance of support and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and realizing one's fullest potential.