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Prom Safety Takes Center Stage at Western Hills University High School

At Western Hills University High School, prom season isn't just about dresses and dance moves; it's about keeping students safe on the road. For the fourth year in partnership with the Cincinnati Fire Department, River Metals Recycling, and Edwards Towing, juniors and seniors received a hands-on lesson in responsible driving from local firefighters. They learned how to handle emergencies and why driving under the influence is never an option.

Analia McCalley, a senior, described the impact of the demonstration. 

"It's intense. I won't ride with anyone who shouldn't be driving,” McCalley said. 

While the demonstration serves as a lesson for all students, firefighting students also use their skills to participate. 

Career Tech teacher Willie Jones says the initiative can be a reality check for students, while also showing them community support.

“Prom is fun, but getting home safe matters more,” Jones said. “It’s not just about firefighting, it’s life skills for students to use after graduation.”

As prom night approaches, West High leads the way in keeping celebrations safe and memorable, reminding everyone that coming home to loved ones is the ultimate goal.