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Withrow Student Named Time for Change Youth Challenge Finalist

There’s no time for change like the present, just ask Bella Howard-White.
The Withrow University High School rising eighth grader was recognized as a finalist for the 2024 Time for Change Youth Challenge, an annual initiative led by nonprofit organizations First Book and Ashoka designed to spark transformative change-making journeys in young people.

In her winning submission, Howard-White raised concerns of gang violence, drugs and bullying around the local community.

“This is important to me because it is our safety,” Howard-White said. “Our learning place needs to be safe.”

Howard-White and more than 300 national applicants responded to the following prompt: ‘What problem do you want to solve? Tell us more about how you discovered the problem and why it is important to you.’

She said she’s witnessed the negative effects of bullying, drug use and gang activity on her peers in her neighborhood. Howard-White has seen enough and wants to take matters into her own hands.

“I discovered this problem just watching how everyone acts and how the older kids have an influence on the younger kids,” Howard-White explained.
After being named a Time for Change Youth Challenge finalist, Howard-White collected signatures and gathered other concerns from parents around the community. She was awarded a small grant and gift card to support her changemaking project.

All that’s left for Howard-White to do is share her findings with Withrow’s leadership, help initiate change and continue leading by example.