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Pathways to Success at CPS Career Symposium

A transformative opportunity unfolded for nearly 100 high school students from Woodward Career Technical High School, Hughes STEM High School, SCPA, Withrow University School and Taft Information Technology High School. 

The College, Career and Community Resource Center held its latest Career Symposium at the CPS Ed. Center featuring 19 vendors ranging from the local fire department to TQL Stadium, showcasing future career opportunities to students. 

Throughout the symposium, representatives set up booths, eager to share information about internship opportunities, apprenticeships and educational pathways. Students actively networked with professionals from various fields to ask questions, seek advice, and, in some exciting cases, walk away with the prospect of internships lined up or more.  

"A lot of our young people don't know what employment opportunities are out there for them and that some of them may pay for college tuition,” said Tajha Laflore, College Career Resource Center Advisor. 

While networking with professionals is the primary focus of the event, students also heard from guest speakers to jumpstart their look into future pathways. Some students attending felt a personal connection to a few of the speakers in attendance. 

“I really love it here - getting to meet all these people,” said Donnell Simmons, junior at Hughes STEM High School. “These speakers and these businesses showed me that just because you failed, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve something. You can always be on the right track.”

The College, Career and Community Resource Center will return to the Ed. Center in Spring 2024 to connect more CPS high school students to future pathways.