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Hughes STEM High School’s Academic Team Touts Remarkable Transformation

At Hughes STEM High School, the academic team is winning big and undergoing a remarkable transformation over the past year. 

The Hughes Academic Team finished exceptionally well this season with an astounding 10-4 record. Both school advisors and team members attribute their success to empowerment, accountability and determination. 

“Our meetings are focused on preparing and studying together as a team,” shared by Hughes senior Deshyah Anderson.

Anderson initially didn’t expect participating to be so enjoyable, but further reflected on her journey and credits her team for the positive experience. Anderson added, “We showed a lot of school spirit and excitement, and winning also made it fun.” 

Overall success wasn't just measured in wins, but symbolized a triumph of spirit and perseverance, and proved anything is possible with determination and teamwork.

Anderson encourages other students to join and participate in Academic games.

"Keep an open mind. It may sound like something you won't enjoy at first, but it's actually fun to compete,” Anderson said. “It takes effort and spirit."