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CPS Students Learn Life-Saving CPR

Seventy-five CPS students are now equipped with life-saving CPR skills, fostering well-being and safety at school and in the community. Students from Woodward Career Technical High School, Withrow University High School, Hughes STEM High School, Shroder High School, Riverview East Academy and Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students took part in the training at Woodward.

Woodward senior Ru Mills appreciated the experience, and feels confident he would be able to respond to help someone in cardiac arrest.

“It was fun learning how to save people,” Mills said. “If I was ever in that type of environment or that situation, I would know what to do.”

Woodward-certified instructors trained the students, teaching them how to perform infant and adult CPR and how to operate an AED.

“There’s a lot going on in the world now, and to know that we can potentially save somebody’s life. It’s really nice,” Ashtyn Trapp, Spencer Center freshman, said.

The training sessions were sponsored by Bigger Than Sneakers, Corporate shoe store’s nonprofit. In addition to credit toward graduation, students received Timberland boots and Taglio pizza.

Principal Sammy Yates was happy to host the training at Woodward, which boasts a Career Technical Education (CTE) medical pathway, routinely training students in CPR.

“It’s good to let our students know that these teachers are giving them life lessons so they can get a career or save somebody’s life,” Principal Yates said. “We’re bringing in other schools to get the same information from quality instructors on this campus— it’s awesome.”

Mills encourages other students and adults to learn CPR.

“It’s going to save a lot of lives,” Mills said.