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Remodeling a Store - Modeling a Community

Shoppers strolling down Ferguson Road were in for a delightful surprise as the local Walmart store unveiled its remodel, accompanied by a harmonious performance by the Western Hills University High School Band.  

In a heartwarming gesture, the retailer donated $5,000 to the Western Hills University High School Marching Band, demonstrating its commitment to supporting the community. 

The Marching Band, in turn, showcased their talent by performing a stirring song and the national anthem, which left the audience impressed and moved.

“This is absolutely awesome,” said Rich Notter, Western Hills University High School Band Director. “The west side has such a strong community presence, so for us to be able to continue our involvement in its growth and continue getting support is really an amazing experience.” 

The donation was met with enthusiasm from the school's band, which will be used to fund the purchase of various supplies for the band’s instruments.